Devil’s Lake

baraboo wisconsin devils lake state park 3rdarm

Devil’s Lake is a beaut of a state park! Definitely worth the drive up from Chicago. We arrived about 2 weeks before peak foliage. From the 500 ft bluffs over looking Devil’s Lake we saw rolling hills that were seventy five percent green, with neon orange and mustard yellow peaking out.

devils lake state park 3rdarm foliage

The trail we took up the boulders was challenging. I was breathing hard and watching my feet: Etta says I would have missed Balanced Rock if not for her. But I am super observant in nature and all-seeing so I doubt it. The other thing is, she’s always right.

devils lake state park etta 3rdarm

Devil’s Door is a natural structure that inspires imagination and provokes wonder: what was this place at the end of the last ice age? What did it look and sound like? What is gone and yet still here in the rustling autumnal trees?

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  1. Pretty fall everything – lady, sky, leaves, rock. I wish however that these comments appeared instantly. And weren’t tied to a million threads of the interweb.

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