Bayfield, WI

town of bayfield wisconsin 3rdarm winter

We arrived at our destination, Bayfield WI. Unfortunately, due to the Republicans in Washington determination to cut government spending, the National Park was closed for the winter.

lake superior winter 2014 wisconsin 3rdarm

Lake Superior, embodying both beauty and instant death, lay to the north. The town of Bayfield, home to such gems at Greunkes Inn, lay quiet under a blanket: just a few days in January and they had already gotten 5 FT of snow.

greunkes inn bayfield wi 3rdarm

Greunke’s Inn was the first restaurant in the area to start serving whitefish livers, decades ago. This local delicacy is available during warmer months, when the fleet goes out beyond the protected area of the National Park to fish. The whitefish too were wintered under the pack ice.

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