Katherine Anne Confections

chicago alley sunset 3rdarm

This past Sunday afternoon I stopped off at Katherine Anne Confections to try their housemade hot chocolate. I wanted to compare it to XOCO. I must say, they are both excellent and super different. The Mexican hot chocolate I had at Katherine Anne was rich (milk-based) with a heat that builds slowly, both from chile in the chocolate itself and also from the marshmallow I picked.

katherine anne confections mexican hot chocolate 3rdarm

The cost per cup is twice as much at Katherine Anne but you get to choose 2 house-made marshmallows to add to your chocolate, and its a 12oz serving where XOCO is 8oz. I chose the black pepper vanilla marshmallow and a spicy cocoa marshmallow. The hot chocolate is topped with pink peppercorns. The sweet and salty, the rich velvety chocolate and the chew of these amazing marshmallows: I love XOCO’s hot chocolate but I got to get back to Katherine Anne for more!

I bought a bag of marshmallows for my house.

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