BoNkErS’ LAN Party

q2ctf quake 2 lan party 3rdarm 2014

Bonkers, an amazing guy who I have been playing the game with since well before 9/11, hosted the Q2CTF LAN party at his house. His wife was super gracious (and smart) and cleared out with the kids and dog to Mississippi for the weekend to stay with grandma and grandpa.

quake 2 lan party q2ctf 3rdarm

Bonkers set me up on his spare computer and we played at side-by-side desks. It was an honor to play next to one of the best players of all time, and a great opportunity to look over at his screen to help me kill him. Bonkers and I both got high scores on the ACME server for the map Base3: my first high score on the server on a map I hadn’t played since I was back in my mom’s house in Connecticut.

q2ctf lan bonkers waggz the cleaner rusty 3rdarm reefer

Unfortunately, Rusty”’s choice of cabbage, sauerkraut and all that meat disagreed with some of the guys digestion, including Bonkers, leading to flatulence. That’s all I have to say about that.

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