Chickie’s and Pete’s

chickies and petes 3rdarm cheeseteake philly

I woke up at 5AM (4AM central time…) and drove to Tweed Airport in New Haven. I kissed Aunty goodbye as the sun rose, and boarded a dual propellor plane for Philadelphia. On the inbound trip, I had used the last 30% of my Iphone battery reading bad yelp reviews of the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). People really hate it. It didn’t give me any problems. On the trip back home to Chicago, I used another chunk of Iphone battery to read reviews of Chickie’s and Pete’s. People love Chickie’s and Pete’s, and for good reason.

chickies and petes 3rdarm crab fries

I found myself apologizing to the pregnant bartender for eating a full size Philly cheesesteak and large order of crab fries at 8AM. There may or may not have been marijuana involved. I inhaled the cheesesteak, pausing only to rotate in nibbles of the pickled jalapenos and pickles served on the side. The sesame seed roll is light and savory, the perfect wrapper for rich beef and tangy white cheese sauce. There was more of the cheese sauce on the side with the Old Bay seasoned crab fries. I didn’t care what time it was, or that I was in the Philadelphia Airport: I was in heaven.

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