Grand Haven Musical Fountain

musical fountain grand haven michigan 3rdarm

I had seen signs coming into Grand Haven for the musical fountain and I assumed it was the fountain where I saw a lot of small kids splashing by the waterfront. It was dusk in Grand Haven, and I was eating ice cream, people watching by the water. While in a fight to the death with a Dairy Treat peanut butter cup freezee, I freed one hand to google it.

musical fountain grand haven michigan 3rdarm

Turns out the Grand Haven Musical Fountain is kind of a big deal, with bleacher seating overlooking the harbor. It’s one of the largest musical fountains of its kind, with the water moving in rhythm to the music. The free show starts at dusk, every summer night from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

Further evidence that I’m getting old: the night we went, the only songs I recognized were “Money, Money, Money” by Abba and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

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