Freddy Valentine’s

freddy valentines public house spring green wisconsin burger 3rdarm

It was hard to get a good recommendation for dinner restaurants in iowa County. When I go to Wisconsin, its because I need a reprieve from Mexican food. Every couple weeks, I escape Chicago to America’s dairyland for mouthfuls of butter and cow.

arthur mullen xoco manager 3rdarm wisconsin cemitas puebla

Freddy Valentine’s had a high aggregate rating, and what I read and saw of the restaurant on the internet spoke of good choices. The menu highlights local ingredients, vegetables in season and beef from nearby. The beer list has many WIsconsin brews unavailable in Chicago.

wild strawberry etta kostick 3rdarm

When we arrived in Spring Green I was struck by the beauty of the town. We had just driven through rolling farmland past the House on the Rock, and here was a quaint downtown beside the Wisconsin River. I was very hungry.

house on the rock sunset summer 2014 wisconsin 3rdarm

Etta got the summer burger, with the grass fed beef, medium rare. There were some excellent touches to that thing, on a pretzel bun. The beef was grilled perfectly and the juicy, earthy flavor spoke to the quality of the cow. I ate Etta’s burger.

wisconsin summer sunset state road 3rdarm

I also ate my entree, grilled chicken with Southeast Asian essence combined with summer vegetables. The service was very good, and as the restaurant has taken over a bank building, the main dining room’s window look onto the kitchen’s pass.

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