House of Cranes

ellison bay wickman house door county 3rdarm

For a night cap we drove into the darkness of Door’s outer lands. A historic home in Ellison Bay that has been transformed into a restaurant serves some of the best craft cocktails and new American cuisine in all of Wisconsin: Wickman House.

ellison bay wickman house door county 3rdarm

Meghan and Etta had one cocktail each, well balanced between sweet and savory, and I had 2 desserts, fulltilt in the pursuit of sugary satisfaction. Wickman House’s pastry chef is young and not afraid of risk. The first was a more traditional lemon hand pie with rich homemade crust, topped with semi sweet Door County cherries: I loved the super bright tartness. The second was as out there and worth reaching as Ellison Bay itself: blueberry ice cream sundae, with apricot sorbet, vanilla caramel, and pistachio basil crumble.

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