Stay High

q2ctf quake 2 ctf capture the flag clan rcp h0ps 3some reefer hoes 21 121 91 3rdarm threesome

Back in the day of 1999-2001, I was the captain of clan rcp- Rare Cat Poop. We were a ctf team on the OGL (online gaming league) Quake 2 CTF ladder. I played under the names 91, hoes, Stay High and Reefer. Now it’s 16 years later and I still play every day I can. We use an application called Ventrilo to talk to one another during gameplay. Nobody asked but I thought I would describe everybody’s voice, just in case ventrilo goes down and we forget who’s who:

my voice- everybody hates their own voice, but I especially hate my own voice. it’s like a cartoon, nasally, feminine, trolling me on my own lack of testosterone

harvey- resonant and manly yet full of childish glee. I always look forward to hearing harvey on ventrilo, except when he is talking about battlefield 4 or whatever game he has been playing instead of quake 2, because that makes me sad

fors- soothing, wise, the kind of voice that makes me want to follow his advice

bones- street smart, been around the block, best accent on Acme, Maine-iac

target- target’s great Canadian broadcasting voice speaks to his experience and love of the game, going all the way back to the Grunt worship of his youth

The Cleaner- sarcastic, witty, makes me want to crack jokes

greenz- voice indicates he is more mellow / stoned than me at all times

rusty- woof woof! bark indicates great reservoir of patience- maybe that explains how he has put up with all of us for so long

yoda- smart, great sense of humor, also Canadian. true story, whenever i hear yoda’s in my mind i see Yoda from star wars talking, although i am conscious that’s not really happening

q2ctf quake 2 ctf capture the flag clan rcp h0ps 3some reefer hoes 21 121 91 3rdarm threesome

bonkers- when i hear the sound of his voice, i instinctively protect my nuts

bluefish- claims to be female from Portugual, voice checks out. in addition to great laugh, bluefish wins best ambient noises award. who remembers that garbage truck that one night? I thought it was backing up in my apartment.

h0ps- voice conveys boredom and fatigue, which draws me in to ask more questions. it’s as if endless slaughter and resource domination makes h0ps massively tired, with no noticeable dropoff in slaughter and resource domination

Link- sounds like he hangs out with greenz?

ex- texas twang, good sense of humor, sporadically blurts hate words

SMFJ- i like when h0ps kills him and yells, “Jerry Moon!” I know that’s not really anything about stanley’s voice, but here we are running up against the limits of who I have talked a lot with on vent, that’s why I can’t really even comment on SMFJ, Legend, everybody else…

Rogue- this is what target would sound like if target were from the US

-and last but not least-

angry- gets more or less angry with his Kill-Death-Ratio

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