Kuma’s 2

 kumas hamburger chicago delivery two too caviar 3rdarm

I have a seasonal defective thing where I spend the winter months entirely on the Internet.  Thank goodness for all the startups like Caviar, Postmates and DoorDash who deliver to shutins like me, even when it’s cold outside!  The fact that I have never stepped foot in Kuma’s Part Deux does not dissuade me from leaving this 5 star review. 

 hibernation chicago spring tree buds blue sly west town erie ashland noble square 3rdarm 

The hamburger was delivered by Caviar, who did an excellent job because I live on the west side and the burger was juicy, hot and obviously just grilled.  The beef is high grade and gave me a meat high that’s hard to come by when you don’t know how to cook and you’re trapped inside for months. Thank you Kuma’s Part Deux for helping this bear make it through hibernation!

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