Smells Like Cumbia Spirit

arthur mullen lena brava cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm cumbia

Big Tuesday to start back up after July 4th – business may have been dampened being the day after the holiday. Shoutout to Maria, Sarah and Lanie for doing such a great job with seating, meaning we never needed the PDR because it was so smooth.

arthur mullen lena brava cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm cumbia

Mood Scale: Chad had 2 guests at bar seats 512 ask why all the habaneros they see in the USA are orange, but when they visit Mexico they will often see green habaneros. Chad had hazarded an (incorrect) guess that the orange habaneros are more fully ripened, and then got me involved for a second opinion. Last year on the staff trip to the Yucatan, I learned from David Sterling that one of the reasons we see variations such as really large avocados, or green habaneros, is that tens of thousands of years ago the climate was very different, meaning a much higher sea level, separating areas such as the Yucatan from mainland Mexico, and leading to variations of species specific to these tropical regions. These species are not as popular in the USA because they specifically adapted to the tropics: they do not grow well here. It was a lot of fun to be able to recall some of David Sterling’s wisdom and share it with these guests!

arthur mullen lena brava cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm cumbia

Shout out: To our new barback Sam, who was quietly supporting both bars, making service run noticeably smoother, great job!

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