La Brea Tar Pits

I loved it. The rest of my whole life, I am going to recommend the La Brea Tar Pits to anybody visiting Los Angeles. This is an epic narrative that goes to the heart of human beings first steps in the Americas, the unbelievable sites, animals and plants they encountered. The 3D movie, the specimen gallery, the graphics, the tar pits where researchers’ current work is open to the public: there are so many nuanced layers and approaches to education that my mind was kept in a constant state of discovery and wonderment. The museum’s powerful story of climate change’s past consequences is crucial for all Americans, now more than ever. I have long been borderline obsessed with the topic of North America’s last glacial period, and yet nothing prepared me for hands on learning of the prehistoric past in this urban setting. The impact of the experience at La Brea lingers on. Bravo to the team and staff, would give 10 stars if that was possible!

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