Weinbergers Deli, Grapevine, Tex.

3rdarm_64255685_156071482232855_7377414001381498827_n (1).jpgIMG_8626IMG_8628

My friend and his brother (both of whom are local Texans from Grapevine) brought me to Weinbergers, and it was an awesome place for us to have lunch. I ordered the reuben, and the sandwich was generously appointed. The combination of flavors from the corned beef and Russian dressing, to the fresh baked rye bread, were totally on point and satisfying.


The place was hopping busy for lunch (always a good sign!) but the staff was completely on top of the situation. When a table opened up it was immediately cleaned and we were seated with our number (it is counter service at this deli.) The system runs like a well-oiled machine, with a smile. I love to see a local place doing good business, and that’s what is going on at Weinbergers. Bravo!

3rdarm_65883706_496619444437927_4269733134953691287_n (1)IMG_85813rdarm_65769249_186273429040071_6508257350674093285_n (1)IMG_8652

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