Mariano Rivera, the Ultimate Closer — Dedicated to Aunt Judy

"'When you have humility in your mind, you always will be brought to your beginning, where you were born, where your roots are. That's why I feel like this — always sharing, trying to help others. That's the most important thing for me.' -Mariano Rivera, the Ultimate Closer, was inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in July, 2019. Here is a look back ten years from today to July, 2010... courtesy of the New York Daily News."

What’s Wrong With Downtown Hartford? — January 19, 1983

"Thirty years ago, the center of Hartford was a busy, active, though never vibrant, area. There was no fear on the streets, and shops of every description abounded. Going there was fun. What has happened to Hartford?"

A Pictorial Souvenir of the Disastrous Flood of 1936 — by The Hartford Courant

"Hartford is slowly recovering from the most terrifying and spectacular experience in its history — a flood, the vivid impressions of which will live forever in the memories of those who saw and went through it. Courant photographers 'covered' their city's greatest disaster in a manner that occasioned widespread and admiring comment. Here is a permanent record of their camera adventures. Many of these historically valuable pictures were obtained at great personal risk."