June 28, 2020 ⁠— The Steadman Family of Santa Fe, New Mexico

"The Northern New Mexico Children's Choir production of 'Peter Rabbit' will be presented Friday and Saturday in St. Francis auditorium. Among the cast is Clyde Steadman (with hat) as Mr. MacGregor, Sarah Steadman as Mother Rabbit and Lisa and Lynn Taulbee as carrots."

⁠June 28, 2020 — The Pain and the Great One

Happy birthday to the most amazing sister in the entire universe (and a shout-out to Peter!) Thank you both for leading by example, for holding strong to what's right, and for your guidance and support. My "safe space" has officially become the Venn diagram intersection of Kate's P.H.D. and Peter's law degree. The following "June 28, 2020"-titled blog posts are dedicated to you.

Family Trip, Provincetown, Cape Cod, September 2019

Provincetown Public Library "When it was built in 1860 as the Center Methodist Episcopal Church it was reputed to be the largest church of Methodist denomination anywhere in the United States. It cost $22,000 to complete and could seat 900 people in its 128 pews." Courtesy of provincetownlibrary.org. Thank you Kate and Peter (and Raven,… Continue reading Family Trip, Provincetown, Cape Cod, September 2019