“Tu files un en mauvais cotton” / Thanksgiving / Tuba & Euphonium — November 22 – 26, 2022

The French idiom filer un mauvais coton translates literally to, "spinning a bad thread." The word coton actually means cotton, but is understood as thread. A French-to-French definition of the expression is se laisser aller, which means to let oneself go. Here are some French-to-English translations of filer un mauvais coton: to be heading for trouble; to be going downhill; to be in a bad way; to be going to pot.

Banquets Drop-Offs Checklist / A High Energy Night in the Chapel Street Historic District / Rehearsal Dinner — November 18, 2022

A walk-in couple, who dined at the bar, commented: “Teddy was magnificent. It was a very busy night and yet Teddy continuously went a step beyond our expectations with his service. We love him, and he loves us."

Kate’s Photos / Edward Hopper’s Paintings: Corn Hill, Truro, MA — October 26 – November 1, 2022

"Usually in a situation like this, he could pick up a volume of Robert Frost and read aloud to his wife and pleasantly pass away the time. But it was going to take more than poetry to lift him out of this mood. He was annoyed. Not so much by the loss of time the storm had cost him, but by the thought of the interview scheduled for late that afternoon. Probably no celebrity ever dreaded interviews more than Edward Hopper. "