“Tu files un en mauvais cotton” / Thanksgiving / Tuba & Euphonium — November 22 – 26, 2022

The French idiom filer un mauvais coton translates literally to, "spinning a bad thread." The word coton actually means cotton, but is understood as thread. A French-to-French definition of the expression is se laisser aller, which means to let oneself go. Here are some French-to-English translations of filer un mauvais coton: to be heading for trouble; to be going downhill; to be in a bad way; to be going to pot.

Banquets Drop-Offs Checklist / A High Energy Night in the Chapel Street Historic District / Rehearsal Dinner — November 18, 2022

A walk-in couple, who dined at the bar, commented: “Teddy was magnificent. It was a very busy night and yet Teddy continuously went a step beyond our expectations with his service. We love him, and he loves us."

“A table for two, and one historical fact about Roger Sherman” — November 3 – 5, 2022

"Yesterday, when Elliot S. had called to make a reservation, he requested: 'A table for two, and one historical fact about Roger Sherman.' For the aforementioned history fact I shared the following poetic forecast for the month of November from Roger Sherman’s 1751 Boston almanac: 'WHAT is our Duty while we're here below; Is our prime Wisdom carefully to know; And diligently to perform the same; Is what should always be our End and Aim.'"