Banquets Drop-Offs Checklist / A High Energy Night in the Chapel Street Historic District / Rehearsal Dinner — November 18, 2022

A walk-in couple, who dined at the bar, commented: “Teddy was magnificent. It was a very busy night and yet Teddy continuously went a step beyond our expectations with his service. We love him, and he loves us."

Lunches are Returning / Glamorous Cocker Spaniel, Roxie Heart — November 15 – 16, 2022

Exactly ten years before today, just about to the minute, the H's were dining at the ULC in celebration of Mrs. H's 70th birthday, Mr. H had arranged for a professional musician who performed at their table. Mrs. H absolutely loved it, called it an unforgettable dining experience. Tonight, the H's were dining at the ULC in celebration of Mrs. H's 80th birthday, Mr. H contracted an incredible violinist, Sandro Lado, for a tableside performance of a beautiful piece by the Soviet composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. After their dinner, the H's were aglow with happiness. Mr. H thanked the entire team, and commented: “It was WONDERFUL.”

“Omnibiblious” / History Book Absconders — November 11 – 12, 2022

"Remarkably, at the end of their dinner tonight, the L's apprehended another party from taking the history book home with them. Mr. L who had stopped the history book absconders with his words, said that he could have stopped the history book absconders by throwing his cane."