Door-guy Called Hero for Momentary Delay of 150 Guests from Breaching the Doors Early / The Wedding of Louise & Rob — November 19, 2022

When someone on our staff accidentally set off the fire alarm during set up and we had to evacuate the building until the Fire Department had given the, 'all clear,' time was lost. Meanwhile at a nearby church, when the guests' wedding ceremony miraculously managed to wrap up more than 20 minutes early, time was crunched. Beware the intersection of lost time and crunch time.

Banquets Drop-Offs Checklist / A High Energy Night in the Chapel Street Historic District / Rehearsal Dinner — November 18, 2022

A walk-in couple, who dined at the bar, commented: “Teddy was magnificent. It was a very busy night and yet Teddy continuously went a step beyond our expectations with his service. We love him, and he loves us."

Lunches are Returning / Glamorous Cocker Spaniel, Roxie Heart — November 15 – 16, 2022

Exactly ten years before today, just about to the minute, the H's were dining at the ULC in celebration of Mrs. H's 70th birthday, Mr. H had arranged for a professional musician who performed at their table. Mrs. H absolutely loved it, called it an unforgettable dining experience. Tonight, the H's were dining at the ULC in celebration of Mrs. H's 80th birthday, Mr. H contracted an incredible violinist, Sandro Lado, for a tableside performance of a beautiful piece by the Soviet composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. After their dinner, the H's were aglow with happiness. Mr. H thanked the entire team, and commented: “It was WONDERFUL.”