A Horse Drawn Steam Powered Fire Engine / The Monitor — November 29 – 30, 2022

The New Haven Fire Department currently operates out of ten fire stations, strategically located throughout the city. The Department is organized into 2 battalions: East Battalion and West Battalion.

“Tu files un en mauvais cotton” / Thanksgiving / Tuba & Euphonium — November 22 – 26, 2022

The French idiom filer un mauvais coton translates literally to, "spinning a bad thread." The word coton actually means cotton, but is understood as thread. A French-to-French definition of the expression is se laisser aller, which means to let oneself go. Here are some French-to-English translations of filer un mauvais coton: to be heading for trouble; to be going downhill; to be in a bad way; to be going to pot.