SECOND!! hourly update Okay its not an hour later…

Where’s my Mini Scoozie?

You assholes. I had a crisis and was away from my computer for a couple days and you jerks left me in the lurch when it comes to’ serpentine futureal pets that look like furry snakes and make playful noises and that never, ever, growl or bite, and absolutely do not wag their tails but do make very playful noises but do have serpentine bodies that can be rolled over arms like my 3rdarm and you hairy bimbos left me in the lurch.

Okay, well I’m back now and I run the ship around here and if I want a mini scoozie to walk the plank into the bathtub and short circuit then I can call off the playful noises, any damn time I want to, but I wont, because, as the Watergate II presidential Bush Baby states, I am a man of faith. Worst case scenario is that when my big sister gets in from amsterdam tomorrow she will have a big laundry bag of Mini Scoozies, like the otter and the bush baby and the pine marten and even the prairie dog, that looks like a snake mixed with a beaver, and they will all be sewed up chock few of powerful hash, and I will sell these animals to people the Supreme Court deemed criminals, in its ruling for the federal drug law to supercede medicinal allowances, and they will feel blessed relief from the hash smoke and find JOY in the sound of the playful noises.

Yes, my flock, the Talkingpresents people are messengers of god, and I wouldnt be surprised if some of the playful noises aren’t amens and hosanas, and if some of those little scoozies arent in fact, angels. Yes I said it, angels.

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