The Roaring of the Lamb

In three hours I will be above the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Amsterdam. Before I make that trek through the air I want to share with you the beginning of my vacation, which started last night at Megan’s house for a cookout and then a manic cab ride to the water for the Steely Dan concert.

steely1.JPG steely2.JPG steely3.JPG steely4.JPG steely5.JPG steely6.JPG steely7.JPG steely8.JPG steely9.JPG steely10.JPG steely11.JPG steely12.JPG steely13.JPG steely14.JPG steely15.JPG steely16.JPG steely17.JPG steely18.JPG

4 thoughts on “The Roaring of the Lamb

  1. NO says:

    big props to the man in the purple shirt. You’ll see a lot of pastel shirts in Amsterdam, and I hope the creatures dragging them around will treat you with the best of Dutch hospitality.

  2. christ arose says:

    while holding that corn cob, i can see the hint of a smirk hiding behind your delicate smile…hmmm. indeed!

    johnny called me after i left for work saying (in his baby-doll-wally-frank voice) that he had an extra ticket to steely dan. too bad i don’t love steely dan!!!! i would’ve called in sick.

    hope amsterdam is a blast w/your sistah!

  3. noamsky says:

    Howdy Mr. Sweetcheeks. Hopin they have some fresh corn on yer trip. We’ll struggle without you as we do when your here. Lets have some news of the world. Your approval rating is at an all time high!( 22%)

  4. Joey Dee says:

    Nice! I had to work Thursday and although my sister lives across the street from Harbor Lights, she was not around, otherwise I’d have been up in her living room window Oswald style listening to Steely Dan… the “waitress” with the tatoos is very easy on the eyes… see ys at the ECG!

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