The Ketubah

Eliot and Christina with the ketubah

According to Rabbi Judy , Eliot and Christina were married Saturday evening when they signed the ketubah. The ketubah is a document, in Hebrew and English, that formalizes marriage. After the newlyweds inked their signatures, Jaqueline and I had the honor to sign as witnesses. As best man, the ketubah was then placed in my hands for safe-keeping.

Motor lodge wallpaper

Eliot and Christina were married Sunday afternoon in Sturbridge, MA, at the Publick House. Saturday night, Christina and most of the wedding party stayed in the historic inn, while Eliot and I shared a room out at the (non-historic) motor lodge. The wallpaper in the motor lodge room was disturbing.

Sunday morning run

Before the ceremony Sunday, Eliot and I went for a morning trail run at Bigelow Hollow State Park. It took a few miles for us to wake up. When my eyes opened I found myself talking incessantly about perspective in film (and life), and how climate change is relative to 9/11, and Uncle Jim. At that moment Eliot tripped on a root, and rolled down a hill into a tree. I shut up, he brushed off, and it was the only misstep of the day. Love and congratulations, Eliot and Christina. Thank you for sharing with me your wedding, and so much more. The ketubah is safe in my basement.

3 thoughts on “The Ketubah

  1. Crapper says:

    congrats to Eliot and Christina —
    may the dear hunt on their wallpaper be long and full of peace!

  2. eliot says:

    Thanks Crapper and thank you Art for everything. I don’t know how I could have done it without you.

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