Sisters 3rdarm

So you are probably wondering “why the feet?” Everybody wants their feet rubbed. What is wrong with that? It is not really a problem. The thing is that this right here takes on all the load. It takes on everything and there is definitely an old saying that old horses, when they injure themselves, the only reason you shoot a horse is because it can no longer stand on it’s feet. Their feet have, or their hoofs have trigger mechanisms to jump start their heart, just like our feet.

Rainbow cone dog 3rdarm

Our feet have trigger points within them that are attributed to different organs in the body, and like I said, without the feet, there is no way you can stand, there is no way you can keep your body upright and it just takes on so much stress and strain. The great thing about is that there is not too many muscles in the feet, it’s all tendons and bone and different things like that. So the muscles that are in the foot are definitely effected. So, we are going to focus on the muscles in the feet and the organs in the feet.

-Alexson Roy, courtesy of’s About Trigger Points in the Feet

2 thoughts on “Reflexology

  1. Foot-foot says:

    Pull the trigger! Of the big cannon, to the moon.

  2. Darling says:

    Where’s the newest, latest press, 3rdarm? Your fans demand it.

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