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Ashley’s Ice Cream

Ashley's bourbon brown sugar guilford 3rdarm Judy blasko

I kind of agree with the sentiments my yelp friend Anne E. expressed in her review- especially regarding the high school age counter folks customer service skills. Today at Ashley’s was much improved. Maybe the owners took her comments to heart. I stopped for an ice cream cone after lunch at Lobster Landing. The shop owner was in and speaking to the customer ahead of me in line, who turned out to be the crew coach at Yale. Two of his students had just medaled in the London Olympics, and the owner said for them to stop by the New Haven shop when they get back in the country for congratulatory ice cream cones.

bandit Ashley's ice cream guilford 3rdarm

I got AJ a single scoop of vanilla in a dish with whipped cream and hot fudge, and a sugar cone single scoop of bourbon brown sugar for myself. The flavor of bourbon, rich and malty, comes through. Aunty’s vanilla- I’m a pig known to finish others’ food sometimes- was creamy. The whipped cream was wicked thick. Hot fudge wicked thick. The creamy vanilla was a relief. We ate our ice cream in the car. The woman in the car next to us had a shaky 6 month old pup named Bandit, who she didn’t want to leave alone in her car. She passed him through the passenger side window of our car for us to hold while she went in to Subway. He licked my ear.

Lobster Landing

aunt Judy roxie lobster landing 3rdarm

AJ and I came for lunch on Wednesday- seniors day, the lobster rolls are two bucks cheaper for the more distinguished. It was a cloudy day. We sat at a blue tablecloth by the water under the tent, the dog leashed to the tent pole. There were bottles of wine at a couple of tables. Lobster Landing is byob. The lobster rolls are CT style- warm buttery lobster on a toasted buttered bun. My aunt and I each had one.

ct lobster roll Clinton 3rdarm

The best lobster rolls around, an opinion shared by Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood fame. I supplemented my lobster roll with chips and a sausage and peppers- on a toasted buttered bun. There’s something about a toasty hot dog bun.

Tak Saamal

guilford sea grass aunt Judy 3rdarm

I slept in and drank too much coffee when I woke up- got on the phone and cancelled my aunts ISP and signed her up with somebody else. To forget the frustration I ran the 8 mile sachem’s head loop. Folks waved hello, a cat let me pet her, a gang of does looked at me like I’m the animal. I sweat a lot. It’s hard running 8 miles when you’re a little thick around the middle.

sea rocks 3rdarm guilford Til tomorrow

AJ and I went to Madison Art Cinemas to see the Tommy Lee Jones Meryl Streep film Hope Springs, filmed partially in Guilford in stores on the green. It was the prime showing packed with old folks. Aunty said the film reminded her of the meh list from nyt magazine. It made me think how entropy the way of the universe turns it all into rock and ocean and we are the only thing there to hold on to.

The Place

BBQ clams the place 3rdarm guilford Judy blasko

Eliot and Christina drove down to Hammonasset for a beach day and met AJ and I at the Place for dinner. For me it’s the greatest summer restaurant. I picked out a large wide stump and wheeled it over to our table. I’m a little thick around the middle. The four of us split four sweet buttery ears of grilled corn and two dozen grilled clams with hot horse radish BBQ sauce to start. It was a clammy day- I ate white clam pizza at Pepe’s earlier for lunch.

rumps on stumps the place guilford 3rdarm

For dinner we got a smoky, tender two pound roasted lobster, lemony, peppery bluefish (my favorite) a dozen snappy steamed shrimp, and two vegetable kabobs for health. Dessert was coffee, tart key lime pie with heart stopping crumbly crust and the peanut buttery peanut butter mud bomb, sliding down our gullets as the sun slipped away from friends and family, rumps on stumps, around the red tables with flower vases and the fiery grill of the Place.

East Rock

east rock park 3rdarm

East Rock Park- the most scenic overlook in New Haven. AJ lives about eleven miles away but had never been. She is my East rock. We drove up- really great panoramic vista of New Haven on the sound. Maybe next visit my sister and I will hike up from the lower parking lot.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

white clam pizza frank pepe 3rdarm

Stopped in for lunch on a summer Monday. About a fifteen minute wait for a table at one pm. My aunt and I ordered a medium white clam pizza. We devoured over half and were stuffed.

foxon park diet kola 3rdarm

Worth the calories. She had a foxon kola and I had a foxon diet kola, because I’m a little thick around the middle.


dog face Roxie 3rdarm

AJ picked me up at the airport in a sharp yellow outfit and drove her new mini cooper 2 door to the shoreline. I said she looked skinny and she said I’m looking thick in the middle.

Aunty Judy cutting mozzarella 3rdarm

Aunty and I ate at the brownstone, formerly the Friendly’s where Kate took happy. The new place had been open a week and I felt for the service staff as customers kept coming like waves of zombies. I ate a bacon egg cheese on bagel French toast and my aunts potatoes and kielbasa got home took a nap and had server dreams.

guilford grilling 3rdarm aunty

The dog changed it has a short grey muzzle now. It peed on the floor when I pet it. AJ grilled ribeyes and made potato and macaroni salads and got me a bowl of ice cream with caramel.

Larry’s Lightbulb Part 2

effie and bear yellow vest polka dot 3rdarm

Its the middle of August and I’m going to stay up all night and fly back to Connecticut to meet the rising sun. Friday night, in the empty restaurant at one in the morning, I learned about Mitt Romney’s game changing veep pick of Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. The Midwest will be at the center of the election. At brunch on Saturday, on 5 hours of sleep, my head still full of clouds, I dropped plastic tortilla warmers on the floor under chef Rick’s watchful eye. Larry and I sat on the breezy patio and discussed my nervousness.

mexican pastries frontera brunch 3rdarm

Larry said that I have a lot to be proud of and that folks enjoy working with me. After twenty years, he believes chef Rick would rather be around the guys at Frontera over anyone, that he respects us and wants us to be comfortable. I said I am trying, I am becoming, I’m on the path. Larry turned my paradigm on its head. Instead of thinking “If I have what I need to have and do what I need to do, I will be who I want to be,” Larry told me begin by being, and then what I need to have and what I need to do will come natural.

Poc Chuc

black bean soup frontera 3rdarm

“Stillness- don’t waste energy moving unless necessary,” says Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. In Jamaica they say “Why him a move around so?” as a dis. Moving around too much is a weakness.

mashing black beans frontera 3rdarm emerson white animal blanco

I worked the service bar during lunch- I’m pretty sure that won’t happen again. I also worked my first paid fifteen hour shift.

Sweet Potato Garnachas


After months on the couch smoking mj I decided this would be the day I started to prepare for my third Chicago marathon. I went from 0 to 13 miles the afternoon before dinner.

frontera 100 lbs of pork 3rdarm

I was so out of shape that in the middle of the run I broke down and bought a chipwich from the ice cream man.