The Winter Room

Living room 3rdarm house on the rock wisconsin

Larry the guy who checks tickets on the way to section one, the actual house on the rock, said, “Just remember Larry said section two and three will be more amazing than section one. What he (Alex Jordan) accomplished with the artistic vision- unbelievable.” I thought section one was the most interesting, a house nested into rock. Section two and three were like going into a manic dream…

angels section three house on the rock wisconsin 3rdarm

Etta said, “It smells like at the Museum of Science (in Boston) what a deer smells like, or a bear. It smells musky.” We stopped between section two and three for pizza in the indoor food court. The musky smell was so thick in the air that I lost my appetite for food. I didn’t want to disturb the (elderly) diners around us, so I typed the following on my phone and showed it to Etta- “I can’t eat anymore of that pizza. I have a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t.”

2 thoughts on “The Winter Room

  1. artichoke says:

    Finally pizza sick, the young bear yearned for bears and grass.

  2. artichoke says:

    BERRIES not bears. Berries.

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