yale university art gallery aunt judy 3rdarm

The Yale University Art Gallery- what a fantastic museum & free to the public. We walked the .2 miles from Shake Shack post Shack attack and procured a map from the info desk. I didn’t have long before slipping into meat coma-

yale university art gallery 3rdarm

…so we started with the terrific view from the fourth floor sculpture terrace, and then headed down to the modern art on the third floor. Interesting and arresting works across an array of mediums. Recently noted by the travel section of the ny times, a recommendation i definitely second.

3 thoughts on “Rothko

  1. art critic says:

    That’s my aunt there on the right. That’s a cheetah about to pounce on the left.

  2. 3rdarm says:

    I’m sure its not real cheetah, not real man head.

  3. Ard vark says:

    It may be though. This is not a pipe, said the painting, but was the painting right? It sat back and smoked anyway.

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