key west sunset wire walker 3rdarm 2013 conch tv

I have been with the sunset celebration performing and enjoying it as a spectator for 32 years now. In the early days it really wasn’t an organized event, just a spontaneous thing that sort of happened. The locals would come down and hang out here, share a glass of wine or some other adult beverage, and actually applaud when the sun went down. It just became a ritual.

will soto key west mallory square 3rdarm conch tv

When I discovered the sun set celebration something within me yelled out to me. It was special. It was more than just an event, more than just a sunset, it was almost a sacrament. People came here to commune with each other, and with nature. I have yet to find that magic in any other pitch anywhere in the world.

-Will Soto, wire walker in Key West, father to my friend Nick, on Conch TV

1 thought on “Funambulism”

  1. Conch TV! Tooting the shellfish through Florida and beyond. Rubbing the cold and the Midwest out of you in a briny embrace of coastal juices.

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