Jeff and Lucia

xoco chicago 3rdarm

When our mutual friends Andrea and Julie moved to San Francisco, we got together with friends Lucia and Jeff for dinner a couple times at the beginning of meteorological spring. They were the first friends of mine to come in for dinner at XOCO.

fideos 3rdarm jeff and lucia mexican food chicago

Two weeks later Lucia and Jeff invited us out to their home for a Sunday night dinner. Lucia cooked Mexican food from her family’s recipes. She made earthy spicy beef colorado, fluffy fideo noodles, crunchy bright jicama salad, and her mother’s flavorful caramelized lengua (beef tongue). My favorite was the soup of greens and fresh cheese.

jeff and lucia 3rdarm chicago mexican food

Their three level house on the West Side is warm and welcoming. It was great to have dinner with friends on a still-cold (meteorologically spring) evening. Jeff the drummer did the dishes and turned me onto El Malo by Willie Colon. We took home leftovers and ate well for 2 days. Thank you guys!

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