Pacific Daylight

jonathan xoco 3rdarm

Man I love Au Cheval despite another rough start. I had to get up and ask for service. The server said he was fooled by the way I set my silverware, side plate and napkin into thinking the other server had started our table. I believed him.

au cheval chicago 3rdarm

The service was so good after that, but what was really on point was the burger that night. It was pretty unbelievable how strong the definition of each flavor was. The meat was meaty, the pickle was pickly, the fat was fatty, and the burger was balanced. That’s not just hunger talking- before the burger I ate a bowl of matzoh ball soup, a large sausage, and super rich mashed potatoes.

1 thought on “Pacific Daylight”

  1. Arfing Aardvarks, get this man a veggie. A salad. Anything but another round of burger, pork bellies, fried things.

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