Belly Q

belly q bill kim chef chicago 3rdarm

The stampeding horse hooves on the rollaway screen bifurcated the dining room. Chef Bill Kim called orders at the pass. Etta got a scotch bellymary and I got a passionfruit lemonade. She got the pork belly sandwich and I got the chicken posole. The kitchen sent out a duck benedict with chinese brocoli. We split fingerling potatoes with chinese sausage. The food was rich and the flavors were pronounced and the service was on point. Etta got a piece of chinese sausage stuck in her teeth.

belly q chef bill kim chicago 3rdarm

The scotch bellymary was smoky, spicy, earthy and balanced. Passionfruit lemonade was sweet and sour. Pork belly sandwich was hot and rich and the steamed bun was chewy and fried egg brought it all together. The pulled chicken was nutty, the rich broth of the posole was brightened with lime and jalapeno. The perfectly cooked duck breast with tempura fried poached eggs, chinese buns and red thai curry hollandaise, wow. The passionfruit ice dessert reminded my friend from Hawaii of lilikoi.

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