Waterfall Glen

waterfall glen forest preserve 3rdarm

I read about Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve- folks said the natural beauty reminded them of Door County. Etta and I drove out on a Sunday the weekend the tiny buds and flowers pushed up. We did a couple miles on an interior loop. There had been a lot of rain and the woods were flooded- the path was actually closed but unmarked on the end we entered. The trees are old and beautiful. I followed animal tracks into the brush and emerged on the edge of a huge meadow. White tail deer grazed on the other side.

waterfall glen forest preserve chicago 3rdarm

Next time we should bring the bikes for the scenic long paved loop. This time we drove to the opposite end of the preserve to see the waterfall. We parked and had to enter the woods over a swollen creek. Stones and a log were the steps over the water. Etta hopped over the stream. I got both feet on the log, lost my balance, and the log rolled. I put aside my natural inclination to struggle and went limp, flopping helplessly into the muddy water. It was the best thing I have done for my girlfriend in months. We continued through the ridge of old pines to the trail to the waterfall.

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