Penny De Los Santos

chef moyo frontera grill chicago brisket 3rdarm

The team has invested in equipment for me. I have a lavalier microphone. A shoulder brace for steady cam. A dead kitten. The computer is coming soon. Rick directed to never split the eye. “Abundance for the dining room, composition for the photo.” He recommended the food photography of Penny De Los Santos.

carlsons michigan city 3rdarm

After Rick and Deann had finished a long dinner that included flights of mezcal, I talked to them about hotdogs.

1 thought on “Penny De Los Santos”

  1. Here in the Hodel House we love tat-tots. An Australian relation has relayed that Down Under they are termed “tiny taters”, a fact that the internet has allowed me to confirm. After extensive taste testing we conclude that the Trader Joe’s brand offers the most delicious Tater consistency and taste.

    Your food photography makes me tater-hungry.

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