Warren Dunes State Park

warren dunes michigan 3rdarm

Etta got a season pass to Warren Dunes State Park for thirty something dollars. We drove out on my one day off and stopped off at Carlson’s for chili cheese dogs, fried cheese cubes, and root beer. It was almost a year to the day that I went to Carlson’s last year. I must have some kind of internal fried cheese cube clock. Yet again I passed at a cone from Bubble’s Ice Cream Parlour.

beach baby etta 3rdarm dunes

Despite thunder clouds passing ominously overhead like the spaceship from Independence Day, and two Indian-American children losing their beach ball in the wind, that I recovered for them in the water, and then, despite their pleading screams for me not to, tried throwing back to them only for it to get lost again in the wind, it was a good day at the beach. I did get the beach ball, and the ice cream. I got Toffee Fantastic at Oink’s Dutch Treat.

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