Driftless Area

chocolate shoppe chicago 3rdarm

The theme at the Chocolate Shoppe ice cream parlour is Dr. Seuss this summer. Meghan, Etta and I went after the fireworks on the fourth of July. They are cash only: while I dashed to the ATM on the corner, Etta and Meghan were given 5 ice cream samples. I got a hot fudge sundae with birthday cake ice cream: America’s birthday.

oaxaca xoco 3rdarm

The staff touched on more points of hospitality: we were served ice water in line. Two women had a basketful of fluffy round sleeping puppies: the staff brought each puppy a bowl of water and a bowl of vanilla soft serve with a biscuit in the middle. The old woman roused the small dogs to eat: the smallest one was in the deepest slumber. I videotaped the whole thing because it was cute and just maybe animal cruelty.

1 thought on “Driftless Area”

  1. Puppies. That is how to celebrate.

    I bought a bike at http://bikeoven.com/ on the 3rd. It was a mountain bike that I subsequently returned because thick tires are hard to push around city streets. On the 4th we set out from our house to Venice Beach, climbed up the ropes at Muscle Beach, listened to some music, and biked back through Culver City, stopping at Native Foods for a good dinner. By that point we were maybe 30 miles in and our rumps hurt a lot. It got dark and L.A. turned into a firecracker war-zone, with children and everyone else lighting them off in the streets we were passing through. We limped back home, through Silver Lake and then Highland Park.

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