Poc Chuc Part 2


The new menu at Xoco features a real summer classic: the charcoal pork, or poc chuc, torta. It is Yucatan-style pork shoulder marinated in sour orange, cut thin and grilled, with cabbage, black beans, juicy beefsteak tomatoes, and habanero. We are also doing a pumpkinseed squash chicken soup, and a salad made entirely of vegetables from Nichols Farm.

xoco poc chuc torta 3rdarm

We raised $50,000 for local farmers in one night at Chef Rick and Deann’s house. The next day the management team and chefs met at the restaurant for a seminar by Ari Weinzweig, the lapsed anarchist, chef and owner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen. In the visioning, it was July 2014 in the Xoco.

1 thought on “Poc Chuc Part 2”

  1. Thanks to all of you who helped raise funds. That’s quite a camera in the picture. It seems that all the nieces & nephews have cameras & use them, I learned from your Great Uncle Bob & am glad you are all carrying on the tradition. Wish we lived closer to all the good food you present.

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