Roast Clam Special

the place guilford ct 3rdarm

This is going to sound stupid but here we go: I have worked for two multiple James Beard award winning chefs in Boston and Chicago for the past 8 years. I have eaten LA, NYC, New Orleans, Oaxaca, and more. The Place is the best restaurant for me. Hey man, it’s not for everybody, and that’s okay. The restaurant has been successfully family run for over 40 years, serving local ingredients, only open in season. The Place is beyond BYOB: its BYOPS. My aunt makes the most amazing potato salad, pasta salad, and egg salad in the summer. Some folks bring beer, we bring potato salad.

the place guilford ct 3rdarm arthur mullen

And Foxon Park sodas from Bishop’s. The chemistry of eating outdoors, across from the folks you love, with lobster, clams, bluefish, corn on the cob, vegetable kabobs, mussels, all being pulled from the super hot fire and brought to you on steel, eating on paper plates, clouds clearing the night stars, trucks sailing up and down I-95, Long Island Sound lapping, the flames reaching up. The seafood takes on all the flavor of the heat and smoke. It’s not heaven, it’s just my kind of place.

-second image is a still from the short film I made in these few days down on the Connecticut Shore

2 thoughts on “Roast Clam Special”

  1. Snorks a lot. It’s not for vegans (they can get a sandwich from subway across the street). If they want protein, they can stay home and have a veggiedog or so.

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