browntrout chicago 3rdarm

Browntrout really impressed me as a diner and a restaurant professional. We went on a slower Monday, with only a few tables sat. When a restaurant has a slower night, the folks working there either just get through it, or take the opportunity to make every guest have the best experience. Browntrout went above and beyond to make our dinner memorable. Our server paired each course with a half glass of wine for Etta.

browntrout chicago 3rdarm

The walleye with crispy skin and caper tomato sauce was delicious. Walleye season is only in the spring and fall: in the summer these big fish seek cooler waters towards the bottom of the Great Lakes out of reach of fishermen: in the winter these lakes ice over. The gnocchi with lamb neck, basil flower and beet was packed with flavor and the pasta technique was perfection. I have recommended a Monday night dinner at Browntrout to my chefs and will be back soon myself.

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