Antique Taco

antique taco chicago 3rdarm cheese curds with chili

My prediction for the future, with XOCO opening right down the street, is that Antique Taco will continue to do their own thing and be great. Etta and I finally went for an early Sunday dinner, after months admiring their delicious social media and fun special events from my computer den.

We waited in line and ordered at the counter, and received questions answered both at that time and later at the table: fantastic service. For food, the cheese curds and fish tacos were both perfectly cooked, battered lightly allowing flavors to blast from inside golden exteriors. The special that night, chicken in salsa verde empanada, was a creamy, flaky beast, in a good way.

abuelas pop tart antique taco chicago 3rdarm

The pop tart for dessert burst with chocolate (and I think I scared nearby diners) that got all over our faces, in a good way. There’s a pattern in the food here: its all super tasty, comforting, full of flavor, if not truly authentic Mexican, who cares. It was a great dinner, a lot of fun, friendly staff, clean from the table to the washroom.

Only slight was the horchata milkshake banana ratio. Thanks for a wonderful dinner guys!

1 thought on “Antique Taco”

  1. I am glad that the Antique Taco filled your stomach; I wish they had vegan options for you and … sweet Bear, I am glad you’re soldiering on.

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