Dalou’s Bistro

gelato black licorice dalous bistro 3rdarm

Steve, an owner of the Pinehurst Inn, recommended Dalou’s Bistro, and so that’s where we had our first night’s dinner. It was amazing. Dalou’s is a small family run restaurant built around a wood-burning oven. The pizza was thin crust with delicious homemade sausage: reminded me of home in New Haven in the best way possible.

wood-oven roasted brie 3rdarm dalous bistro washburn wisconsin

By far the best bites I had on my whole Wisconsin winter vacation (and that includes the amazing restaurant Forequarter in Madison) came before the pizza. That night’s special appetizer was wood-oven roasted brie in local maple syrup with blueberries, served with a salted homemade puff of pizza dough. The sweet and salty flavors and perfectly balanced textures of the crispy puff of dough with melty brie and gooey syrupy berries were heaven.

For dessert we had the gelato, also made in house. The flavor was black licorice: it was so creamy yet had the herbaceous anise notes. Amazing place.

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