dessert forequarter 3rdarm madison wisconsin

Forequarter is a restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin that takes a refreshing team-based approach at their place. Instead of the chef dominating the creative process, it is owned and operated by a collective. With only 18 seats, the service was excellent. The beer and craft cocktail selection was noteworthy: because of the crushing cold of the polar vortex we were offered mulled cider compliments of the collective at the beginning of our dinner.

forequarter wisconsin madison cheese plate 3rdarm

We began with house cured pork shoulder, coppa, and a local cheese, accompanied by smoked olives, toasted macadamia, assorted pickled vegetables, two types of mustard, and house baked bread. Everything was memorable. Etta accused me of eating most of the coppa.

ouisconsin wisconsin 3rdarm forequarter restaurant

For dinner the vegetarian stew in a lemon broth was invigorating. I find the dessert to have been the real stunner, however, for its simplicity. House baked croissant, moist and sweet on the bottom, crispy and rich exterior, with real whipped cream, not sweet, all richness, and tart local apples.

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