Cookies and Carnitas

tacos cookies and carnitas chicago 3rdarm

David Tamarkin recommended Cookies and Carnitas based on good word of mouth about good cookies and carnitas to mouth. I had to go because cookies and carnitas describes my body type. Cookies and carnitas and backfat. The only thing I ate that morning were chocolate eggs, and after walking and driving errands, I was ready for the Beefy Cheezy. Etta got tacos, and we got a pizza to go, because it’s that far up North that it felt necessary.

beefy cheezy carnitas and cookies 3rdarm chicago

The Beefy Cheezy is brisket with that same sharp tangy orangeish-crumbly cheddar spread from Wisconsin that Phil uses on his char dogs. It came with well seasoned steak fries. The tacos were juicy with homemade red salsa and sour cream. Later we discovered Cookies and Carnitas pizza has a 9:1 cheese sauce ratio, which is good for me, not so good for her. The kitchen floor cookie is the must-get, perfectly baked, rolled in coffee and salt and whatever else was on the kitchen floor. The white chocolate nut cookie, more vanilla, just as satisfying.

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