Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

chocolate wild berry lavender jenis ice cream chicago 3rdarm

There’s the theory of how if you pay top dollar you get high quality: that’s what I found here, on first impression, which was a little rushed. Etta and I stopped at Jeni’s on the way back from farther North. Outside an unattended dog had his dog leg caught and twisted Ina leash and a pedestrian stopped and helped him before we could take action.

etta early spring chicago walk 3rdarm

The line was efficient and we got tastes. I got a strong push from the ice cream server in the direction of combining dark chocolate with wild berry lavender and was satisfied with the result. My ice cream cup and a pint of salted caramel for home was almost $17, which made me confident that I had the best ice cream in town.

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