Sticky Rice Chiang Mai

sticky rice chiang mai yellow curry chicken leg 3rdarm chicago

Flash forward twelve years: now I’m a restaurant manager and live in West town. McDonald’s has been remodeled, adding a second drive thru lane. The Bizmark is gone. Allan Stagg is dead (RIP… the tradition carries on with Nick michaels’ Deep End). The Bloomingdale Trail is becoming an elevated park and the bridge part over Western has mysteriously vanished. Dunkin donuts is Sticky Rice Chiang Mai.

sticky rice chiang mai squid 3rdarm

The bottom line is that good Thai food has arrived, and they deliver. Although not to West Town. The original Sticky Rice up north by Irving Park is a welcoming yellow inside and out: Sticky Rice Chiang Mai is named after a Northern Thai city and it’s interior is paneled in brown wood.

The food Etta and I ate (grilled squid, egg noodles in yellow curry, mango sticky rice) was delicious: the best Thai in the neighborhood.

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