Nico Osteria

leslie lockett youngbloods chicago 3rdarm nico osteria brunch

I had brunch at Nico with Etta and Leslie. The bottom line: come for the food and service and enjoy Viagra Triangle people watching. There were moneyed folk about on a sunny spring Sunday.

Wrinkly men wore futuristic frames and I did a double take to check if it was Google glass. An older woman dined solo in a Sunday hat befit for the Queen of England. On the street well heeled families pulled by in horse drawn buggies. Tiny pure breed pups swaddled in handbag papooses looked out to the small park at State, Rush, and Bellvue, and then up to the face of their owners with pleading googly eyes.

nico osteria chicago 3rdarm egg sandwich

The dining room and raw bar where we sat was bathed in afternoon sunlight, with windows facing the famous triangle named for erectile disfunction. If the little blue pill doesn’t work as advertised, I think Nico’s brunch pastries may do the trick. I felt the love for the best chocolate croissant, and other juicy flaky goods, one containing salty ham. On the side is vanilla honey, cannoli filling and one other dipping sauce: I ate mostly the cannoli filling and honey.

nico osteria hangar steak chicago 3rdarm

If I wasn’t “in public” I would have eaten all the cannoli filling and vanilla honey. In the presence of elites, I put forth my most civilized manners and waited for my egg sandwich.

The server, who with his assistant busser were a flawless team, informed me all about the interesting Italian named caper / anchovies aioli on my egg sandwich. It balanced the rich, fatty roasted pork very well. He also told me how the pork is made in house: I remember that it’s brined, wrapped around the loin, roasted off.

etta and leslie 3rdarm

Ladies loved the beef tongue and hangar steak. The music was terrific: some tune from Bob Dylan’s self portrait got stuck in my head. Can’t wait to be back for dinner (and actually try some Italian seafood!)

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