Edzo’s Part Deux

edzos lincoln park 3rdarm chicago salted caramel milkshake

Whitney, Oliver and I went to Edzo’s for a manager power lunch. Having only eaten at the original Edzo’s, and with Xoco Wicker Park coming soon, I was curious to see the if the high quality and consistency carried over to the second Edzo’s.

spicy sconnie burger edzos lincoln park 3rdarm chicago

I was very impressed! The man running the burger shop was not Eddie Larkin, but he was on point, personable, warm and a great communicator. I went with an original patty Spicy Sconnie: the meat blanketed in Merkt’s cheese, chile and caramelized onions. I also got a side of buffalo fries and a salted caramel milkshake.

edzos burger shop lincoln park 3rdarm chicago

Oliver said he wished the burger was a little bigger: he got a grass-fed single. It’s great to see the sustainable meat option for a few dollars more. Later on that night, Oliver reported his digestion continued until 8:30PM (sounds about right for me too).

oliver and whitney frontera grill topolobampo edzos burger shop 3rdarm chicago

The spirit and ambience of the original Edzo’s lives in the Lincoln Park space: the colors, art and antique sodapop and burger pieces would not be out of place in Edzo’s Evanston. The quality and consistency were the same, with a colorful personality at the helm.

Edzo’s got the sequel thing right!

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