Hatchway to Spring

arthur mullen xoco chef andres padilla topolobampo roof spring 2014 3rdarm

I am under a lot of pressure at work due to the brutal winter’s effect on sales. Year to date we are several percentage points down. It is depressing to be in a hole and have to dig your way out. The weather certainly hasn’t helped my mood.

carlos katy frontera grill 3rdarm hatchway roof xoco

The third floor above Xoco used to be the entry point for the roof: it was a vacant office. The building owners (they own a lot of buildings in River North) decided to renovate. The roof was inaccessible during construction: then I found out the stairwell had been demolished. Last week the temperatures started to climb, and a group of chefs and managers led by Carlos took an alternative route, up a maintenance stairwell and out a hatch, into the sunlight of spring. It was not an easy climb but we got back on top.

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