Dear Deann — It is January 1, 2021

Deann said that learning everything will take a long time, and I would have to be patient with myself. She said that from her perspective, even though I was not yet up to speed with the menus and on the restaurant's systems, the guests were benefitting from my presence in the dining room — because of my conscientious nature, honesty, and heart.

Los Surfos

Los Surfos photo archive Here are many collected photos from the first 2 years of operation at the Chef Rick Bayless restaurants, Leña Brava and Cruz Blanca. They are grouped so as to offer a deeper appreciation of the Mexican fine art from the Bayless' collection, currently on display at 900 W. Randolph St.  Spend… Continue reading Los Surfos

Rabanitos Style

The photoshoot I had helped with at Chef Alfonso's restaurant, when I met the bruja, had been for the Chicago Tribune's forthcoming review of 5 Rabanitos. I have learned not to get too excited about a restaurant's first review: when a restaurant opens, that's when there's the most room for improvement. First reviews are notorious… Continue reading Rabanitos Style