Los Surfos

Los Surfos photo archive Here are many collected photos from the first 2 years of operation at the Chef Rick Bayless restaurants, Leña Brava and Cruz Blanca. They are grouped so as to offer a deeper appreciation of the Mexican fine art from the Bayless' collection, currently on display at 900 W. Randolph St.  Spend… Continue reading Los Surfos

Rabanitos Style

The photoshoot I had helped with at Chef Alfonso's restaurant, when I met the bruja, had been for the Chicago Tribune's forthcoming review of 5 Rabanitos. I have learned not to get too excited about a restaurant's first review: when a restaurant opens, that's when there's the most room for improvement. First reviews are notorious… Continue reading Rabanitos Style

Dos Urban Cantina

Chef Jennifer Jones is one of my top all-time most loved former chefs: for her desserts, to be sure, don't even get me started, and somehow even more for her positive attitude and calm, focused energy. We are talking about some of the best desserts on planet Earth... I am just underlining how amazing Chef… Continue reading Dos Urban Cantina