Rest in Peace Herman Cain

"I don't agree with Herman Cain's politics at all, but what I agree with even less is how Herman Cain has been completely discarded by Trump and the Republicans since his death from Covid-19. Herman Cain's life mattered and deserves to be remembered. Here is my tribute to Herman Cain."

⁠The best Chili Dawg in Connecticut — Augie and Rays Drive-In

Gustav Mahler famously wrote that, "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire." I love this place and have been coming my whole life, since when I was just a little kid, and my grandparents first brought me. Hands down the best hotdog in the state of Connecticut in my opinion! The hotdog bun achieves the highest form of golden toasted perfection at Augie and Ray's.

Rabanitos Style

The photoshoot I had helped with at Chef Alfonso's restaurant, when I met the bruja, had been for the Chicago Tribune's forthcoming review of 5 Rabanitos. I have learned not to get too excited about a restaurant's first review: when a restaurant opens, that's when there's the most room for improvement. First reviews are notorious… Continue reading Rabanitos Style