A Horse Drawn Steam Powered Fire Engine / The Monitor — November 29 – 30, 2022

ULC Logbook, Tuesday, November 29th, 2022:

We started with 41 covers on this Tuesday following Thanksgiving weekend. There were no cancellations. For walk-in parties, we were joined by: 1 at 5:15PM; 1 at 5:50PM (R noticed this guest taking notes throughout and spending over $200. on a solo dinner, triggering internal “restaurant critic” alarms); 1 at 6:15PM (dinner at the bar); 2 at 6:45PM; 1 at 7:25PM (served by T, in the Clubroom); 2 at 7:25PM; 2 at 8PM; 2 at 8PM. We finished with 62 guests.

We had one order for takeout, for Yale’s honorable Professor B, placed by phone.

For BA’s, we were joined by: Julie H (party of 4, tbl. 16) celebrated husband’s 75th birthday; Dr. T D, of Yale Medicine (party of 5, tbl. 30); President of Yale College, P L (solo, tbl. 27); Dr. B K, Yale professor of history (party of 5, tbl. 5); H H, associated with YSOM (party of 7, tbl. 3).

Lunch hours are updated everywhere (with a big TY to CF!) including: the menu itself; the website; the front exterior display box; the history / directions page (given with gift cards).

A walk-in guest who had dined at the ULC this past Saturday returned tonight for dinner at the bar. This guest is in town for approximately a month, visiting from New Hampshire. After their dinner, I inquired regarding their experience at the bar tonight, and the guest responded with great enthusiasm: “T has an amazing presence that is reminiscent of an old school professional demeanor that is unfortunately increasingly rarely encountered these days. T managed precisely the perfect balance of attention and space to make me feel completely at ease and well cared for. And of course the food was incredible.” Bravo to T, RT, CF, Chef G, Chef W, Chef J, Chef T and the entire team!

Wed.: rain / wind; 59F. Thurs.: sunny; 45F. Fri.: mostly sunny; 47F. Sat.: rain; 59F.

ULC Logbook, Wednesday, November 30th, 2022:

We started with 26 covers, on a Wednesday with an (accurate) two word forecast of, “wind,” and, “rain.” Due to the inclement weather, 4 parties cancelled, for a total loss of 12 covers. We were joined by a walk-in guest, for dessert only, in the Clubroom, at 9PM. We finished with 31 guests.

We had one order for takeout, for D, a regular who works in corrections, placed by phone.

For BA’s, we were joined by: Mark C, who was married at the ULC in September 2022 (party of 2, tbl. 6); Dr. S K (party of 2, tbl. 17); Elaine M, dinner before a show at the Yale Rep. (party of 2, tbl. 14); Leo C, celebrating birthday (party of 3, tbl. 13); A W, Yale Law School (party of 6, tbl. 5); Elise G, for a tasting menu experience (bravo to A!) (party of 4, tbl. 16); Arnold G, just stopping in to say hello to R, and make a reservation to join us December 14th.

Bravo to A for doing a beautiful job deep cleaning the shelves behind the bar, and reorganizing / making a map for the reach-in which holds miscellaneous bottles of wine.

Bravo to CF and RT for awesome holiday decorations and the return of fire!

D, the takeout regular who placed his order by phone, originally had wanted to order the Duck A L’Orange, which has lately taken the place of the Duck Confit as his favorite dish on our menu. A big thank to A who got on the line in order to describe, “salmis sauce,” to D, and did so in such an enticing way that D ordered the duck. D returned later tonight with his creme brulee dish for the deposit, and commented that his duck was, “Outstanding,” and reported he is now a fan of salmis. Bravo to A, Chef G, CF, RT, Chef J, Chef W, Chef T and the entire team!

Thurs.: sunny; 44F. Fri.: sunny; 47F. Sat.: rain; 58F.

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